‘Adopt technological healthcare delivery’ – Deputy health minister

Dr Mahama Asei Seini, Deputy Minister of Health has advised healthcare professionals, government and private individuals to adopt technological ways in delivering healthcare to significantly enhance medical care across the country. He said as the world evolved, channelling resources into advancing digital health, establishing a comprehensive health data system, improving healthcare infrastructure, and bolstering the healthcare workforce was a key factor in enhancing the welfare of citizens. He urged the government to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into healthcare by carefully balancing AI with healthcare expertise for speed and effective results. He made the call at the 3rd Future of Healthcare Summit on Monday in Accra, the summit was on the theme: 'Innovating for Improved Healthcare Delivery and Health Outcomes: Adapting Technology, Policy and Management for the Healthcare System We Want'. Dr Seini said upgrading and modernising infrastructure, especially in under-served areas, would broaden the range of available medical services across all 16 regions, which would improve medical care. He said financial investments were needed to lower out-of-pocket costs and increase insurance coverage, to promote equitable healthcare financing. The called for a study supply of affordable medications across both rural and urban areas to strengthen the healthcare system in the country. However, he said government in its efforts was creating a robust, patient-focused healthcare system to meet the changing health needs of Ghanaians, transitioning from a reactive 'sick-care' model to a 'wellness-oriented' healthcare framework. Dr Anthony Asare-Nsiah, Presidential Advisor on Health, said that to fully harness the power of digital technology, we must continue investing in infrastructure, fostering innovation in application development, and equipping healthcare providers and patients with the necessary skills to utilise digital tools effectively. He said the intersections between technology and healthcare were va st, therefore accommodating technology in health system would advance the country's health sector for economic growth. Source: Ghana News Agency