Wiseasy PayCloud Receives PCI DSS Compliance, Ensuring Secure Payments for Global Partners

BEIJING, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wiseasy, a leading global digital banking and payment builder, is pleased to announce that it has successfully achieved compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) covering its payment platform PayCloud.

PCI DSS is one of the most authoritative data security standards in the payments, banking and finance domain, including the storage, processing and transmission of cardholder data. This new certification, as an enhancement on Wiseasy’s already rigorous security standards, reaffirms the firm’s commitment to data protection and security.

Wiseasy PayCloud, a cloud-based payment platform with a unified payment gateway, tailored merchant applications, and operations platforms, allowing banks, acquirers, and PSPs to provide omni-channel payment services to merchants in different countries and regions.

Its comprehensive omni-channel payment gateway enables accepting payment of any kinds, whether they are bank cards or mobile wallets. It delivers seamless payments across online, mobile and in-store scenarios. As a cloud-based SaaS platform, PayCloud allows payment processing from any location with Internet access. What’s more, Wiseasy designs and builds smart POS terminals and payment applications in-house, so it all works seamlessly, which makes it a true one-stop solution for many leading companies all over the world.

Trusted by more and more partners, Wiseasy PayCloud has supported 65,000 merchants with US$20 billion transactions yearly. SnapPay, a leading mobile payment service provider in Canada, has been partnering with PayCloud to serve over 4,000 merchants on accepting foreign currency payments to maximize their business opportunities.

“Security and compliance have never been more important for payment solution providers who committed themselves to maintaining a secure payment environment. Our products and services have received payment certifications such as EMVCo, PayPass, Visa payWave, Amex, Discover and many local payment certifications. Wiseasy will continue to meet clients’ higher compliance needs and anticipate the continuous evolution of payment industry.” said Ms. Lindsay Wang, VP Group and Head of Global Business Unit.

As a digital banking and payment builder, Wiseasy commits itself to helping banks, PSPs and other financial institutions to achieve low-cost business network coverage and mobile Internet-based business system construction through innovative technologies and products. PayCloud, a significant component of Wiseasy Digital Banking Suites, consistently powers innovation and growth for institutions, whether it’s established or emerging, global or local, physical or digital.

Media Contact: mk@wiseasy.com

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