Tunisian and Algerian civil protection teams hold joint exercises in Bouira

Tunis: Strengthening cooperation and coordination between Tunisia and Algeria in civil protection and developing the level of operational coordination with the Tunisian civil protection team in the framework of joint virtual exercises were the main objectives of the visit of the Algerian Minister of the Interior, Brahim Merad, to the site of the joint international civil protection exercise taking place on Sunday in the Algerian state of Bouira, the spokesman for the civil protection said in a statement. The Tunisian civil protection team is participating in the joint exercise "SEIMEX 2024" with Algerian civil protection units in Bouira, Algeria, with the aim of strengthening cooperation and coordination between the two countries in the field of civil protection, exchanging experiences and best practices in dealing with accidents and disasters, and enhancing skills and capabilities to face emergency challenges. The exercise will contribute to enhancing the organisational and operational capabilities of the participating units and to improving the joint response to emergencies and disasters. It includes the implementation of several scenarios that simulate realistic situations to address potential challenges in the field of civil protection, the civil protection spokesman said. A twinning agreement was signed on Sunday between the National Civil Protection Schools of Tunisia and Algeria, as part of the working visit to Algeria from 29 April to 6 May by the Director General of the National Civil Protection Bureau, Abdessamad Ben Jeddou, and his accompanying delegation. The visit to Algeria aims to implement the results of the Tunisian-Algerian joint technical committee in the field of civil protection, which was held from January 21 to 25 in Tabarka, Jendouba governorate, according to a statement by the spokesman for the civil p Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse