The Boresah Royal Foundation rallies women for environmental cleanliness

Boresah Royal Foundation, a women-focused Organisation, in collaboration with the US Army has rallied women and schools at Daboya in the Savanah Region for a clean-up exercise and sanitation summit. The exercise and schools' sanitation summit were spearheaded by the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) division of the US Army, as part of its Army Flintlock 2024, which is an annual event with special exercises designed to enhance cooperation on trans-regional security issues. Queen Boresah Fantevie, the Executive Director of the Foundation, was one of the honourees by the U.S. Embassy in Ghana, as a Champion of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in 2022 and has since been part of the efforts towards advancing the rights of women and leading advocacy, against GBV. The event was attended by the Paramount Chief of Wasipe traditional area, Wasipewura Yakubu Anyame Kabasagya II, who urged women and other participants to come out in their numbers for the exercise, noting that cleanliness was next to Godliness. The Paramount Chief was hopeful that dumping of waste in the white volta which passed through the community would be a thing of the past with the sanitation summit and advised all to live at peace with each other. Queen Boresah Fantevie, also a Development Queen of the Yagbon (Gonja) Kingdom with the Title Nkligiwurche Boresah Iddisah Jeduah, expressed gratitude to the US WPS for the partnership and support. She explained that in tune with Sustainable Development Goals 5 and six, the exercise sought to promote gender equality by ensuring a clean environment and safe drinking water which mostly affected women and children. Global warming and climate change issues were all related to environmental cleanliness and practices, hence the need to engage women at the grassroots for such exercises. As part of the exercise, she handed over sanitation logistics worth thousands of cedis and urged the recipients to use them judiciously to keep the environment clean always. Madam Kathryn Maitrejean, the Women, Peace and Security Pl anner of the US Army Flintlock 2024, encouraged the women and other participants to continue the sanitation exercise in their homes and surroundings and pledged the continuous support of her outfit to the Boresah Royal Foundation to enhance the lives of women and children in the area. She emphasised the important role women played in community development adding 'Women's health matters because women give life'. Winners of the school sanitation summit competition were honoured with awards ranging from books, mathematical sets, dictionaries, and footballs among others. Source: Ghana News Agency