Saied: there is no way in which we can accept candidacy in elections of groups that throw themselves into arms of foreigners [Upd 1]

Monastir: "There can be no turning back and there is no way in which we can accept the candidacy of groups that throw themselves into the arms of foreigners," said President Kais Saied as he chaired Saturday a ceremony to commemorate the 24th anniversary of leader Habib Bourguiba's death. Candidates must be endorsed by Tunisians and elected by them alone, not by another side, he added. The Head of State told reporters power nurtures discontent. Those who criticise are welcome, but there is need to ensure peaceful coexistence between the power in place and the opposition, pursuant to the law and the Constitution. Power is not an ambition and a chair, but rather a responsibility and an unwavering commitment. Saied further reiterated determination to continue "cleansing the country of those who have wrecked havoc. The choices which had been made have damaged the state from within, the President further said. Those who want to disrupt the functioning of the administration have no place in it. "Today we are staging a war of existence and a war of survival for the sake of this country and the state that they wanted to overthrow after January 14, 2011 and sought to implode its public facilities. Today, they are endeavouring to undermine State institutions." Tunisians, the head of the State said, have shown unprecedented awareness in the face of this conspiracy. He also Reiterated keenness to face up with the same determination "all those who want to throw themselves into the arms of foreigners." In remarks on the death anniversary of leader Habib Bourguiba, the Head of State said "duty requires showing grastefulness to those who gave Tunisia a lot and revolutionised education, healthcare and the personal status after independence." This brought about a change as the State played its social role despite challenges, the President highlighted. "Options back then can be discussed but no one can deny or demonstrate disregard for what had been achieved." Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse