Russian airstrikes in north-eastern Ukraine cause power outages

Russian airstrikes in the north-eastern Ukrainian border region of Sumy have led to power outages despite many drones being shot down, Ukrainian officials said on Monday. Authorities said that more than 400,000 households in three districts and the regional capital Sumy were affected. The Russian military attacked the area with 13 Iranian-made combat drones, they said. Although 12 of them are said to have been intercepted, energy systems were damaged, according to the energy supplier Ukrenergo. Meanwhile, more than 1,300 villages lost power. However, most of them have now been supplied with electricity again. Ukraine has been fending off a Russian invasion for more than two years. Russian attacks with missiles and drones have repeatedly targeted the country's power supply. Since heavy attacks in March, there have been regular power failures, particularly in the eastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv. Source: Ghana News Agency