President Kais Saied focuses on “preparations and smooth conduct of national exams”

Tunis: President Kais Saied met on Thursday afternoon at the Carthage Palace Minister of Education, Saloua Abbassi and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and acting Minister of Cultural Affairs Moncef Boukthir. The meeting addressed the preparations for the national exams and the ongoing preparations in coordination with all state agencies for their smooth conduct, according to a statement from the Presidency. In this regard, the Head of State emphasised that national exams are a red line and those who want to disrupt or compromise them will not be tolerated. The meeting also dealt with the draft law provided for in Chapter IX of the Constitution of July 25, 2022, on the organisation of the composition, mandates and functioning of the Higher Education Council. The President of the Republic stressed the importance of this constitutional institution, recalling that one of the biggest crimes committed against the Tunisian people since the early 1990s has been the constant amendments, which were made for political reasons. The President of the Republic reiterated the need to find final solutions to the situation of substitute teachers based on objective criteria that preserve their rights and the rights of students. The President of the Republic also ordered the review of some scientific courses in higher education 'that do not open up prospects for students in Tunisia and those with higher degrees can only find prospects abroad or remain unemployed.' The President of the Republic stressed the need to review Tunisia's cultural policy in order to make it a national culture based on true freedom of thought and creativity and immunise society from both vulgarity and extremism. 'There is no future for any people without a national education and without a national culture.' Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse