Miss Tourism Ghana 2024 launched

The 2024 edition of Miss Tourism Ghana, a pageant which promotes the rich cultural heritage and tourist destinations of Ghana, has been launched in Accra. The pageantry?is solely dedicated to projecting Ghana's tourism sector while the winner of the competition becomes a tourism ambassador for a period. This year's?pageantry, which?also marks?its 15th?anniversary, is on the?theme, 'Tourism, the heart of Ghana, 15 years of Promoting Our Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism.' It is?being organized?by the?Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) with support from the Ghana Tourism Federation, and stakeholders in the tourism industry. Mrs Delphine Brew-Hammond, Director of Events and Operations, Miss Tourism Ghana, said, 'As we celebrate our?15?years?of existence,?our objectives remain the same; to promote tourism across Ghana, inviting Ghanaians and visitors to explore and enjoy the bounty of experiences we offer.' She said the 2024 edition was billed to highlight tourism as the 'Heart of Ghana' to inculcate in people the need to love and promote tourism in the country. 'Tourism is multi-sectorial, goes beyond travelling, and has a chain of activities which contributes to economic development,' she added. Mrs Brew-Hammond said the vision was to show off Ghana as a premiere travel destination by training young ladies to act as?ambassadors representing Ghana's rich and varied regional cultures, attending festivals and celebrations, as well as touring many historic landmarks. 'This is why at Miss Tourism Ghana the contestants don't represent the regions they hail from because we want them to learn about other regions and be tolerant of each other as Ghanaians,' she said. She said contestants had over the years participated in other international pageants and made Ghana proud. Launching the 2024 edition of Miss Tourism Ghana, Mr Ben?Anane?Nsiah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer?in charge of Finance and Administration at GTA, said apart from the pageant unearthing the talents and skills of young ladies in the country, it also projected the image of Ghana internationally. He said the pageant?was not just a beauty pageant, but a?platform that embodied the essence of?Ghana's?rich heritage and promoted tourism as a catalyst for socio-economic development. 'Through this prestigious event, we aim to showcase the?breathtaking?landscapes, vibrant traditions, and warm hospitality that Ghana has to offer to the world,' he added. Mr?Nsiah?said in today's rapidly changing global landscape, tourism plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and fostering cultural exchange. He added, 'Let us reaffirm our commitment to sustainable tourism practices that preserve our natural resources and empower local communities.' The Deputy CEO?appealed to Ghanaians to celebrate the beauty of Ghana and inspire the world to explore, experience and promote peace, unity, and prosperity across borders. Mr Kofi Atta?Kakra?Kusi, Deputy Director of Domestic Marketing, GTA, added, 'As we embark on this journey of celebrating beauty, culture, and tourism, let us remember the importance of unity, diversity, and inclusivity. Together, let us continue to work hand in hand to unlock the full potential of Ghana's tourism industry and showcase the beauty of our nation to the world.' He urged Ghanaians to continue to support and promote the 'experience Ghana,?share Ghana.' Campaign. Source: Ghana News Agency