Ghana Prison Service, Chef with Purpose to train inmates in catering

Chefs With Purpose, a group of culinary professionals, is in talks with the Ghana Prison Service to train convicts in the art of cooking as a life skill to enhance their chances of economic survival after prison. Chef With Purpose (CWP) would also engage various Vocational Schools to recruit more volunteers across the country to create awareness on their operations. Madam Roselyn Esinam Anyomi, Secretary CWP, told the GNA in Accra when CWP provided meals to about 500 inmates of James Camp Prison and Senior Correctional Centre (Juvenile Detention Centre). Madam Anyomi said feting the inmates was like giving back to the community and impacting positively on the lives of the youth. She said CWP, established in the year 2018, had feted the various prisons (Nsawam Medium Prisons, Juvenile Detention Centre and provided 'sala' giveaways to various communities. According to her, CWP will soon be moving to a prison in the Oti Region to provide various meals to inmates. She appealed for volunteers to help the gr oup impact the youth positively and put smiles on the faces of the less privileged and vulnerable in society. James Camp Prisons, established in 1948, is a model halfway home that prepares inmates for reintegration into society. CWP is a platform where chefs and culinary professionals can channel their talents towards alleviating socio-economic challenges faced by vulnerable communities. Source: Ghana News Agency