Economic Fighters League Endorses Nana Kwame Bediako’s Call for Single African Currency

The Economic Fighters League (EFL) has thrown its weight behind Nana Kwame Bediako's advocacy for a single African currency. According to the Economic Fighters League, Kwame Bediako, a presidential aspirant in the upcoming general elections and leader of New Force, is the only candidate to present a clear Pan-African objective and a viable solution to the nation's long-standing currency crisis. The EFL, a pan-Africanist movement, in a statement copied to Ghana News Agency by Fighter Amodani Gariba from the Office of Fighter-General of Economic Fighters League, recognized the significance of Bediako's proposal, particularly given the disparity between currencies serving small populations and those utilized by larger populations. 'A single African currency, backed by the continent's abundant mineral resources, represents a crucial step towards achieving economic freedom and liberation from Western imperialism. 'The EFL has long championed economic freedoms for all Ghanaians, but as a pan-Africanist movement , it extends this aspiration to encompass all Africans, recognizing the common challenges faced across the continent.' The organization, however, condemned neo-colonialism and the perpetuation of economic instability and dependency by international monopoly capitalism and local political elites. The EFL, therefore, commended the recent decisions by Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger to abandon the French-controlled CFA franc, a relic of colonialism that has long hindered economic progress. To Economic Fighters League, achieving a single African currency requires a fundamental shift in leadership and mindset across the continent. 'In Ghana, the upcoming December 2024 elections present a pivotal opportunity for transformation. The EFL urges all Ghanaians to reject the dominance of the NPP and NDC, the gatekeepers of foreign economic exploitation, and embrace alternative parties committed to economic liberation and sovereignty', it stated. 'By doing so, Ghanaians can reclaim their dignity and usher in a future w here pride in their heritage and identity abounds. The EFL believes that Bediako's proposal holds immense significance and deserves commendation. A single African currency represents a crucial step towards genuine economic emancipation and a brighter future for Africa,' the statement added. Source: Ghana News Agency