Cultural and Economic Days of Tunisia in Toulouse continue until May 18

Tunis: The 6th Tunisian Cultural and Economic Days in Toulouse (JCETT) will continue in this south-western French city until May 18, with an exhibition of Tunisian products and cultural and folklore shows, according to the Export Promotion Centre (CEPEX). Some 20 Tunisian exhibitors are taking part, including craftsmen, representatives of travel agencies and producers of local products. They will be exhibiting olive oil, spices and aromatic herbs, traditional harissa, dates, pastries, organic cosmetics, ceramics, traditional jewellery and clothing on the Allée Jean Jaurès and the Ramblas. These days, which began on 25 April, are an opportunity to showcase Tunisian culture and heritage, as well as the country's tourist attractions. They are organised by the JCETT association, the Tunisian consulate in Toulouse and the Tunisian embassy in France, in partnership with Toulouse City Council, CEPEX, ONTT, ONA and Tunisair. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse