COVID-19: Ashanti Regional Health Directorate begins 10th National Vaccination

The Ashanti Regional Health Directorate of the Ghana Health Service is embarking on another COVID-19 vaccination campaign across all the 43 districts in the wake of fresh cases being recorded in the country. The five-day exercise, scheduled for May 5-9, forms part of precautionary measures by health authorities to prevent another outbreak in the region. Although the Ashanti Region is yet to record a new case, the exercise seeks to offer a window of opportunity for people who are yet to complete their full vaccination. The fully vaccinated could also take a booster dose to strengthen their immune system in the event of contracting the viral disease. Vaccination teams, according to the Directorate, would be deployed to houses, schools, markets, lorry terminals, churches, mosques, and communities to administer the vaccines. Eligible people can also take along their COVID-19 vaccination cards to any health facility to receive their jab. 'Protect Yourself, Protect Yourself, Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19 No w,' is the theme for the exercise. Dr Emmanuel Tinkorang, the Regional Director of Health Services, who briefed the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the exercise, said the total number of doses administered in the region as of March stood at 4,890,880. Out of the number, 1,943,356 have been fully vaccinated with 2,636,955 representing 71 per cent receiving at least one dose. If those who had taken only one dose should go for the second dose during the exercise, the region could achieve herd immunity and reduce the risk of the virus being spread among the population, Dr Tinkorang said. He encouraged the public to take part in the exercise to prevent a return of the era where so many restrictions were imposed on the citizenry. They must also observe the COVID-19 preventive protocols, especially regular hand washing with soap under running water. Source: Ghana News Agency