Civil protection delegation in Algeria to scale up bilateral cooperation

Tunis: A Civil Protection delegation is currently on a working visit to Algeria to take part in works of the Tunisian-Algerian Joint Technical Committee in the Civil Protection field, held from April 29-May 6. The visit is also part of the follow-up to the implementation of the results of the Joint Bilateral Committee meeting held last January in Tabarka (Tunisia), spokesman for the National Office for Civil Protection (ONPC). The Tunisian delegation is led by the Office's Director General and comprises senior civil protection officials and committee members. A working session was held between the two countries' delegations, to discuss various actions and share skills and expertise in the civil protection field, he pointed out. The working session, chaired by Algeria's Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning, offered the opportunity to examine ways to scale up bilateral cooperation between the two corps, notably in the field of operational intervention, capacity synergy and expertise sharing. The meeting also provided an opportunity to outline the joint exercises to be conducted by the two countries' special civil protection units in the wilaya of Bouira at the beginning of May. These actions are part of joint commitment to develop cooperation in the civil protection field between Tunisia and Algeria in order to meet joint challenges, the same source underlined. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse