Citrus: Export revenues up 15.4% in 2009

Tunis: Tunisia's export earnings from citrus fruit reached 29.4 million dinars by May 6, up 15.4% compared to the same period last year. According to the Inter-Professional Fruit Grouping (GiFruits), 8506 tonnes of citrus fruit were exported during the current campaign, which runs from October 10, 2023 to May 6, 2024, compared with 7614 tonnes in the previous campaign. Tunisian citrus fruit is mainly exported to France, a market which accounted for 90% of exports, equivalent to 7,708 tonnes, followed by Libya (620 tonnes), Qatar (86 tonnes) and the United Arab Emirates (47 tonnes). The Maltese variety is the most popular on international markets. Tunisia exported 8,073 tonnes this season, including 142 tonnes of Clementines, 83 tonnes of Navels and 71 tonnes of organic Maltaises. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse