Chieftaincy Ministry to inaugurate five Traditional Councils in Volta Region

The Volta Regional House of Chiefs, under the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, has announced the inauguration of five new Traditional Councils in the region. These include Hevi, Dzodze, Weta, Anyako, and Awate Traditional Councils. This was in a statement signed by Mr Harry Attipoe, Registrar of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs. The three-day event, slated to commence on Tuesday, May 7, would end on Thursday, May 9. 'Hevi and Dzodze Traditional Councils will be inaugurated on Tuesday, May 7, at 1000 and 1400hours respectively.' The statement further indicated that another two Traditional Councils, Weta and Anyako, would also be inaugurated on Wednesday, May 8. Again, the Awate Traditional Council would be the last event to be held on Thursday at 1100 hours. 'All Presidents involved are to get their registered Chiefs and Queen Mothers in readiness for the exercise,' it added. The functions of a Traditional Council under the Chieftaincy Act, among others, include administering the affair s of the traditional community according to custom and tradition.  Others include assisting, supporting, and guiding traditional leaders in the use of their powers and how they perform their functions, as well as participating in the development of policy and legislation at the local levels. Source: Ghana News Agency