Avoid negative propaganda and focus on December 7 polls-Abu Kansangbata

Mr Abu Kansangbata, a former Deputy Upper West regional Minister has called on the National Democratic Congress to hit the ground running with winnable campaign messages devoid of Propaganda. That, he said would sink into the minds of discerning minds and subsequently attract more votes. In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Sunday, Mr Kansangbata entreated each NDC constituency, Polling station executive and volunteers to capitalise on the momentum and organize many house to house, door to door campaigns. He urged them to dwell in areas such as Health, Agricultural, Education, Energy, Security, Water and sanitation, Creating enabling environment for 'FDI' foreign Direct investment in the country. ' Comparatively, with the current economic environment , it is not good for foreign Investors to invest their resources. And largely, the report is available for every single Ghanaian, under the leadership of JDM, his modesty, honest, sincerity has a transformational leader. A leader who res pects culture and traditions.' He said if they had to take back power then they must work hard with trustworthy analysis and workable strategies for 2024 victory. Source: Ghana News Agency