AAAF Chairman calls for strengthening of African training capacities

Chairman of the Association of African Air Forces (AAAF), Major General Mohamed Hajjem, Chief of Staff of the Tunisian Air Force, has called on participants at the 13th annual African Air Chiefs Symposium to put forward proposals and programmes aimed exclusively at strengthening African capabilities in the field of training. In a speech delivered at the opening of the symposium focusing on 'Pan-African Education and Training Opportunities,' Women, Peace and Security and air mobility," Mohamed Hajjem explained that the main objective of strengthening African capabilities is to restore confidence, meet the aspirations of young people, guarantee the security of African countries and satisfy their vital needs. "The development of these capabilities will be achieved through the efforts of African countries and with the support of partner countries, including in particular the United States of America." He stressed "the commitment of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa to be part of this development project ai med at ensuring a better future for African air forces." Tunisia, which is chairing the AAAF in 2024, stressed its commitment to making this symposium "a forum for exchanging views, examining issues of common interest and developing new ideas for the development of our armies". The 13th annual African Air Chiefs Symposium is taking place from February 26 to March 1 and is attended by 40 African countries, members of the US Army Air Forces, the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) Air Forces and representatives of the United Nations. The Air Force seeks through this symposium to enable the Tunisian Army in general and the Air Force in particular to become a permanent regional training centre in several aerospace-related fields, according to the Defence Ministry. Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse