Yayasan Usahawan Malaysia Unveils New Concept For The SME And Entrepreneurs Business Awards 2022 (SEBA 2022)

KUALA LUMPUR, The SME and Entrepreneurs Business Award 2022 (SEBA 2022) has announced a new concept and expansion for its 7th edition, themed ‘SEBA 2022: RISE UP’.

Continuing from the SEBA 2021 Thriving The waves concept, SEBA 2022 aims to further elevate the local SMEs and community in rising to more challenges while celebrating their successes in every step. SEBA 2022 consists of three chapters: the Northern Edition, the Southern Edition, and the KL Grand. The Northern and Southern editions aim to spotlight regional SMEs and entrepreneurs, while the KL Grand serves as the pinnacle of recognition.

Source: Nam News Network