Valid launches new eSIM solution to answer the market demands for transversal applications during Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2021

MADRID, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Valid, one of the leading players in the eSIM industry, has launched a state of art mioSIM eSIM for Consumer 3.0 solution ready to answer the industry demand for secure transversal applications with the support of Android Strongbox technology – an Android Ready SE applet responsible for the secure provisioning of Android keys. The first implementation of Valid’s new eSIM for Consumer solution is going to be on the latest STMicroelectronics Secure Element.

After many attempts to transform the SIM card in the platform for services’ convergence in order to combine payment, identity management and mobile applications in one single secure element, the eSIM has finally reached the maturity it needs to resolve that long-lasting wish of the mobile world.

Compliant with GSMA latest standardization, Valid’s mioSIM eSIM for Consumer 3.0 solution is ready to promote the perfect opportunity for transversal applications in secure environments.

Valid’s solution, pre-loaded with Android’s Strongbox applet, eliminates the hassle of implementing a secure element on top of the eSIM, specially during the development of the connected devices. In addition to that, the service providers can also take benefit of Strongbox applet to protect their applications as well.

By utilizing eSIM transversal applications, combined with Strongbox applet, it enables any Android application, using Android Keystore, to securely access the keys stored into the eSIM, without any action from the user. They are also accessible independently of the connectivity profile, which enables OEMs to differentiate their own applications with new security use cases, such as strong User identification, Device pairing, VPC access keys, Digital currencies, and many more.

“The eSIM has become the element of convergence for many interested parties due to its disruptive ecosystem, maturity, seamless management, and Security Domain flexibility. After joining Android Ready SE Alliance, Valid has been able to execute its eSIM and secure elements strategy to keep on supporting the industry ramp-up phase, opening doors to new high-level protection use cases such as Data at Rest, Android keys, ID credentials, Digital keys or even Digital currencies, while also offering a trust environment via STMicroelectronics’ secure element,” said Bertrand MOUSSEL, Senior Vice-President of Marketing, Product & Strategy at Valid.

Valid is participating in the Mobile World Congress LA exhibition this week showcasing and discussing our new eSIM solution. Visit Booth #1916 on October 26 – October 28 to meet with a Valid expert or join Valid USA’s Senior Vice President of Payments/Telecom Sales & Marketing, Alberto Hernandez, live presentation on October 26, 2:30pm PST inside MWCLA eSIM Summit.

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