Two of Three Children in South Sudan Face ‘Desperate’ Humanitarian Crisis: UNICEF

UNICEF says 4.5 million children in South Sudan face a humanitarian crisis and the organization needs more money to help.

The announcement comes on the 10th anniversary of the country’s independence.

The “hopes that independence would bring a new dawn for the country’s children have faded,” UNICEF said in a press release.

The group cites conflict, flooding, droughts and deepening economic woes for the problems, adding that a recent peace agreement has only “partially been implemented” and has not improved the situation for children.

UNICEF says it needs $180 million to help the most vulnerable children in South Sudan.

“If we, as a humanitarian community, do not receive sufficient funding, the reality for children and families is that no help will be coming,” said UNICEF South Sudan Representative Andrea Suley.

UNICEF says 8.3 million people in South Sudan need humanitarian support, which they say is even higher than during the 2013-2018 civil war.

Source: Voice of America