More than 300 young people empowered through Barcamp Sunyani 2024

 Over 300 young individuals from the Bono Region have been mentored and empowered to develop entrepreneurial mindset through the Barcamp Sunyani 2024 event. The Barcamps programme is a series of free networking forums designed to provide young people with a platform for learning, idea sharing, networking and mentorship. This initiative provided a unique platform for these young people to engage in learning, sharing, networking, and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset through a series of informative sessions led by industry professionals. The Barcamp Sunyani 2024 organized by the GhanaThink Foundation in collaboration with key partners held at the Sunyani Technical University was on the theme: ''Culture, Finance and Quality.' Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Sunyani, Mr. Ato Ulzen-Appiah, the Director of Ghana Think Foundation, emphasized the significant impact of the Sunyani Barcamp event on youth empowerment and positive change within the Bono region. He noted that providi ng participants with valuable knowledge, mentorship, and a robust network indicated the event had laid foundation for a promising future for the youth in the region. Mr. Ulzen-Appiah highlighted that the Barcamp Sunyani aimed to empower young people to enhance their mindset, develop themselves, and improve their livelihoods. He said the Sunyani Barcamp served as a catalyst for fostering growth and progress among the youth in the Bono Region, setting them on a path towards success and prosperity. In a related interview, Mr. Charles Oduro Owurani, project assistant at the Sunyani Young and Wise Centre of the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, emphasized the critical role of Sexual and Reproductive Health in enhancing the quality life of the youth. He underscored the significance of fostering open communication about sexual and reproductive health matters to empower young individuals in making informed decisions about their health, as well as financial security. The interactive sessions of the Barcamp event generated discussions on various pressing issues and relevant topics, such as ensuring clean air in Ghana and promoting a healthier environment. Other sections included 'Health for Quality Life,' which highlighted the importance of open communication and access to reliable reproductive and health resources, as well as strategies for building successful businesses, sustainable development, and literacy on insurance and investments. Source: Ghana News Agency